LeVisage is by far the best spa in New Orleans. I am a super-tough critic, have lived all over, and no one I've been to anywhere rivals Nora and the women of Le Visage. They give perfect manis, pedis, facials, waxes, etc., and have been at it for many, many years. The spa is beautifully decorated and perfectly relaxing. Kudos!
Jamie B - 11/29/2011

LOVE LeVisage! By far the best in the city. I always felt that whenever I would go to another spa, it felt like a factory - same treatment, different person/day. So, I never really saw the point in a facial because they never really made a difference in my skin. And, the pedicures and manicures were fine, but nothing special. LeVisage goes above and beyond on every service. My skin looks amazing because they pay attention to what's going on with it at every visit and also teach me how to make it look better at home. No cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all approach! Even the pedicures are extra luxurious - they do lots of little things to make you feel special. Now I'm a regular Spa-addict!
Laurie A, New Orleans - 1/13/2012

I just had the best facial, mani and pedi from Patricia! She is AWESOME at threading!! She is precise and methodical to insure that the eyebrows are even and as perfect as they can possibly be!! Esperanza provides the BEST mani and pedi EVER!!!
Tina W, New Orleans - 9/2/2011

I'm from Los Angeles and have gotten many eyebrow waxes in California in all price ranges, but the wax I got from Patricia was hands down the BEST. By far. My brows have never looked so good. If I remember correctly the brow wax is around $25, which is extremely reasonable considering the quality of the service. Great, great, great.
Julie J, New Orleans - 8/12/2011

I got a facial with Trina and it was fabulous! She was kind, informative, and very personable. Plus, my skin looks amazing a week afterward! Highly recommend her!
Diane Montgomery, New Orleans

I have been visiting Le Visage for 10+ years now. I have moved away to DC but I make an appointment every time I come home to visit. Kathy is an absolutely delight. She is always vibrant, cheery, and genuinely engaging. Noel is the best for massages!!! Hands down, one of the best I've ever had. If peace and quiet is what you seek, take ear plugs. I understand the Spa can be a little noisy with the visiting in the lobby but I'd rather visit a lively group than a place being run like a morgue. Overall, Le Visage is great. The environment is pleasant and the service is food for the soul.