Spa Services

Treat yourself to pampering spa services that will relax your body, calm your mind and reenergize your spirit. Below is a list of the most amazing spa services you’ll find anywhere.


Classic Manicure $20
French Manicure $25
Shellac $40
Paraffin $15
Aromatic Manicure (Paraffin) $35


Classic Pedicure $45
La Petite Pedicure (1/2 hr) $35
Children Man-Pedi $55
Shellac $60
Paraffin $15
Aromatic Spa Pedicure $60


Wether your skin is dry or oily, normal or sensitive, or any skin condition one of our Le Visage Certified estheticians can recommend the best treatment for you.  
C-Esta Facial Jan Marini- Repairs & enhances the skin for instant visible results $95
Soin Teenager- Deep pore cleansing and balancing facial $100
The Grand Classique- Deep pore cleaning, restoring, and relaxing facial $125
Vital Elastine -Smoothing, restructuring, and anti- wrinkle facial $150
Vital Defense- Anti-aging prevention,anti-oxidant and anti-pollution facial $125
Alpha Vital- Radiance, enhancing and resurfacing treatment $145
Optimizer- Anti-aging,lifting and firming facial $140
Hydralessence Facial- longlasting deep hydrating facial $125
Age Intervention Facial Jan Marini- It provides dramatic & immediate skin resurfacing and rejuvination $125
Microdermabrasion- Skin resurfacing treatment $135
Oxygen Infusion- Pushing oxygen with infusions into the skin at cellular level (Add on a facial) $90
Back Facial- Deep cleansing exfoliating facial with enzyme $100
Rosecea Resurfacing- Adresses all forms of rosacea $100
Caci Hour and Half- Uses a tiny microcurrent to tone, lift and reeducate the muscle with a hydratone mask $225
Caci Hour- Uses a tiny microcurrent to tone, lift and reeducate without the hydratone mask $175

Body De-Stress

Therapeutic Body Massage (1 hr) $75
Therapeutic Body Message (1 1/2 hr) $115
Scalp & Shoulder Massage (1/2 hr) $50
Scalp & Reflexology (hands & feet 1/2 hr) $45

Body Rejuvenation

Gommage Vegetal Unique exfoliaton, hydration and relaxing scent of citrus fruit $110
Phyto-Marine Slimming treatment with seaweed or marine mud $125
Aroma-Luxe Massage relaxing,energizing and draining aromatic massage
Body Exfoliation with Bronzing (1hr) $135
Spray Tan (1/2 hr) $55

Body Wax

Fast and effective way to get smooth skin with the use of lavender wax  
Full Leg $70
1/2 Leg $50
Bikini Line $30
Partial Bikini Brazilian $45
Full Bikini Brazilian $60
Back Wax $50

Arm Wax

Full Arm with Hands $45 to $60
1/2 Arm $35
Underarm $20

Face Wax

Full Face $45 to $55
Arch $18 to $20
Lip $12
Chin $12 & up
Side $20


Full Face $50 to $60
Arch $20
Lip $15
Chin $15
Side $20

Lash Enhancers

Lashes are extended upwards from the root to tip creating a longer appearance  
Lash Perm $75
Lash Tint $30
Brow TInt $20
Lash and Brow Tint $50
Full Eye Lash Extensions (2 hr) $250
Eyelash Extension Maintenance (1 hr) $150

Make-Up Application

Make-Up Application (1/2 HR) $60
Make-Up Lesson (1HR) $100
Bridal Make-up $85
Air Brush Make-up $75

Day at the Spa

Detox Treatment- 2 HRS, phyto marine body treatment, vital defense facial, express hand care (anti-aging treatment) $285
Le Grand Classique- 3 1/2 HRS, C-esta Classique facial, Body massage, manicure, pedicure $235
Le Visage Escape- 2 HR, Scalp and shoulder massage 30 min, Aromatic spa pedicure (Paraffin), Aromatic Spa Manicure (Paraffin) $140
Gommage & Renew- 4 HRS Gommage marine body treatment 30 min, Full Body Massage, Microdermabrasion Facial, Pedicure & Manicure $385
Le Visage Pour Homme- 2 1/2 HRS, Skin fitness (Man Facial), Manicure and Aromatic Pedicure $180