Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Le Visage. At Le Visage Day Spa every guest is important to us. It is your relaxation and rejuvenation that encouraged us to create Le Visage, committed to personalized, innovative and luxurious body treatments and events.

We built Le Visage so that we could give customers the customized service that we know their bodies really need when they arrive for their appointments. After more than 30 years in the beauty and wellness industry, we’ve worked in enough spas to know that while most provide very expensive services they can sometimes be very rigid in following a set menu of amenities, designed to meet the spa menu rather than to meet the individual and varying needs of the customer.

You’re body is responding to different stressors every day. You’re skin is different every time you visit, depending on what is going on in your life, so you’re service needs to be different too. For example, usually, it’s impossible for you to know what type of facial you’ll need when you make your appointment. At Le Visage, we assess your skin when you lay on our table and then we work with you to figure out the most effective way for us to treat it together. And, we work with you to teach you how to continue to improve it once you go home. It’s not enough for us just to help you while you’re with us. We want to teach you to help you to improve on your own too.

The same goes for every part of your body – from your muscles to your nails. You’re toes might need a paraffin pedicure – did you know that Le Visage’s Spa Revolution* Paraffin Treatment helps alleviate arthritis pain? And next time a shellac pedi can get you ready for the beach and keep your polish chip-free for 3 weeks! If we don’t ask the right questions, you won’t know how we can help your body to look and feel it’s best.

It’s our promise to you that we will give you the absolute best service every time you visit our spa. The individualized service that you – and your body - deserves from a luxury day spa. We pride ourselves on providing customized services, one tailored to relieve your body from the stress on that day and restore your well being in the warmth and casual elegance of our beautiful spa.

We won’t give you the same service we did last time or the time before that because it’s not what your body needs.

So come in. Relax your body. Calm your mind. Enjoy the warm, personalized attention and caring staff at Le Visage. And let us know what you need on today’s visit.